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World War Z Full Movie - Review

World War Z Review

World War Z


Cinema loves well-defined conflicts, they have a sense that the zombie apocalypse happened to Brad Pitt restrained. It is difficult for the more glaring opposition: a swarm of swirling opposed emanującemu Dead heat, tranquility and beauty gwiazdorowi. Anonymous mass versus king celebrities. Replacement collective hero stellar figure is indeed contrary to the literary original, in which the voice of many witnesses were reaching the cover of war. However, this is - surprisingly - quite unusual approach to the conventions of a zombie movie. Typically, I'm rooting for her the whole teams everymanów yet. What is fresh meat for the cinema of the Dead, the blockbuster is true bread and butter, but this connection is born quite tasty whole.

In the opening minutes of the film anyway Pitt stretches before us aura of everybody else. Watch perfectly normal morning perfectly ordinary family: husband (Pitt), his wife (Mireille Enos) and two daughters. The first stage - along with followed by the sequence of Philadelphia - have spielbergowski character, reminiscent of "War of the Worlds". But not everyone everyman can count on the fact that the UN sent a specially after the helicopter when all hell broke loose. Gerry Lane (Pitt) is in fact necessary to fulfill the mission, whose aim will be to discover the source of the mysterious outbreak. When duty calls, the wife and kids go to be put out. Fortunately, Gerry, though noble and resourceful, not suddenly przepoczwarzy action movie hero.

Topic "zombie-apocalypse through the eyes of an ordinary family" is, however, only the first one of the ways that the film by Marc Forster. Episodic structure "World War Z" has something to do with the nature of computer game: Gerry visits the outpost, where he has to talk with key figures and avoid becoming his way of danger. Final sequence indeed closer to the "Half-Life" than to "Night of the Living Dead." But this diversity of action - though a bit mechanical - works in favor of the film. There is a lot going on and there is no room for boredom. We get among other picturesque gallery supporting character in the subsequent visit by the hero points. It chwatów group of Marines (led by James Badge'em Dale), suspicious of scientists from the World Health Organization and - most interesting of them - Hard Israeli soldiering (Daniella Kertesz), which together with Gerry survive some tough moments. Observant viewers also seeking the Matthew Fox - a surprising cameo role.

Theme zombies - at least since the time of Romero who is grateful to the various social media cinematic metaphor - here used as an excuse to portray the contemporary "crisis" of the world. In the role of "outraged" - the legions of the living dead in his wszędobylskości equating global balance of power. Appears absurd even a few fun ideas on how different countries (especially North Korea) would deal with the plague of zombies. Also surprising restraint powiewaniu artists in the American flag. United States fall under the onslaught of the plague as fast as the rest of the world, and Gerry rulers have no qualms to blackmail and threaten him throwing his family a secure government ship. Odd Man Out - especially in difficult times.
Although it is a film about zombies, Forster remains soft within the category of PG-13. Blood's not too much, the more wywalania tripe. The film keeps you in suspense - at least once podskoczycie the chair cinema - but it's not a horror movie. The living dead threaten equally as fun. There are some good ideas visual and staging, especially painting swirling hordes of zombies, and the scene in which Gerry examines the transformation of infected victims. In some places, however, you can see traces of execution of turbulence, to prevent which it took up to four screenwriters and tightened at the last minute a new ending. Forster is also quite scruffy director; standard - the more is happening on the screen, the less you see. This is why it is a very good final episode, in which instead of the chaotic bustle dominates and slowly creeping tension built. Contrary to the blockbuster tradition that the further away, the more! harder! stupid!, "World War Z" finishes with impressive restraint. A visit to the cinema Zombielandzie is therefore relatively successful.


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